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Source: June 2013 - God's Message, pp. 40-49 (latest update)

*This directory or listing does not include places of worship service in the Philippines.
Directory information includes: Name of Locale or Local Congregation and GWS-Group Worship Service;
Place of worship address; Contact Telephone and FAX numbers;
Name of contact person and Email address.
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  New Group Worship Service in Tenali, India  
Sister Grace Leyva, a music teacher from Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines Brother "Vasu", a former Hindu and Protestant Pastor from Tenali, India
The thirteen newly baptized brethren with Brother Edward Maranan
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  New Group Worship Service in the United Kingdom  

Two Group Worship Services (GWS) were formally
opened —in the Isle of Man, UK on April 7 and in
Reading, Berkshire, England on April 13, 2013. Brother Serginio N. Bayani, district minister officiated at both inaugural worship services. To meet the needs of the growing number of brethren in the Isle of Man and in Reading, the two groups had to be established.
Source - God's Message June 2013 
Posted September 27, 2013
  New Group Worship Service in Western Canada  
Brooks Group Worship Service

Brooks is located in the Western Canadian Province of Alberta. The City of Brooks is located Southeast of Calgary and is about 188 km or 117 miles away. 
Brethren, like Sister Anne Fenella Cabobos, have to travel 234 miles, even during winter, just to attend worship services in Calgary.
Today, Brooks Group Worship Service is being held at
the Acre Square Commercial Bldg. Unit 202-328,
7th Street, East Brooks, Alberta, Canada TIR 088
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